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Harley Street Private Coaching

Maria to extend private coaching practice to Harley Street

Maria developed NeuroChemical Coaching™ as a result of her experience as anread more
Article Date: 14/09/2015
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Welcome to the Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Gain a competitive edge through a better engaged workforce

The Maria Paviour Company Ltd - emotional employee engagementYour employees are your company’s greatest asset. Or are they? Saying so suggests that all of your staff are having a dramatic positive impact on the success of your organisation. The truth is that your best performing employees, those who are emotionally engaged in your company, are delivering results. The others? They may well be having a negative effect. Which can be seen in high staff turnover, high sickness absence, high accident rates and work related stress.

So how can you identify and remove those barriers to engagement that prevent your people from achieving peak performance? And just as importantly improve employee well-being and resilience. That’s where we come in; with our NeuPsych System™, which includes powerful and proven methods that reveal key employee insights, and the tools to turn these insights into profit.



The Maria Paviour Company - emotional engagement specialists

Employee Engagement = The Most Powerful Way to Create ROI

"The programme and work carried out by Maria Paviour has been excellent."
Rosina V, HR Manager

"As a direct result several of the participants have progressed their careers to more advanced management positions."
Colin L, Training & Development Manager

The Maria Paviour Company - emotional engagement specialists


CARI™- A Unique Survey to Paint a True Picture of Your Employee’s Engagement

CARI™ is the only engagement survey in the world to accurately measure both emotional and cognitive responses. Our key service, and far more than a survey, we identify which of your employees are most at risk of psychological or stress related illness. CARI™ provides revealing insights into the barriers that stop your employees from engaging in the workplace.

We’ve saved an estimated £116,666 over a three-month period in stress related sickness absence for one client and increased turnover by 8% for another.

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Unlock Your Talent - Our Core Services

    Engagement Services:

     Continuing Professional Development for L&D and HR Professionals:




The Maria Paviour Company Ltd - employee engagement experts

About The Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Maria Paviour Company Ltd is an Occupational Psychology consultancy specialising in coaching and leadership development through emotional engagement and well-being at work.

For over 18 years Maria Paviour (registered Psychologist) has focussed on the importance of engaging employees and gaining employee commitment. In 2000, she won two UK Government awards for Innovation in leadership development and coaching, and a European award for developing technology for measuring and managing stress at work.

As principal Psychologist of the MPC Ltd, Maria has taken her original, award winning and innovative evidence based research from the last ten years to create the NeuChem® Leadership and Coaching Systems.

Uniquely, MPC Ltd now have a team of NeuChem® qualified coaches who supercharge business success for corporate and public sector organisations.

Maria's proven models have been published in three books that link psychology and neuroscience. Her latest book, Brainy Neuroscience for Engaged People - a Handbook of NeuroChemical Leadership is an Amazon Bestseller.


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As a direct result several of the participants in the development programme have progressed their careers to more advanced management positions. Colin Lucas, Training & Development Manager
Brookfield Multiplex
  Well structured, keeps you engaged, excellent delivery
Brookfield Multiplex
  Stimulating and positive, acquired new skills.
Balfour Beatty Workplace
  As a team we found excellent ways to communicate with each other effectively in stressful situations.
Mace Group
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